Saturday, 02/03
Arrivals will be met at the airport throughout the day by diocesan representatives and taken to the hotel in Copacabana
20:00 – A brief orientation meeting for members of the group who have already arrived

Sunday, 03/03
Arrivals will be met at the airport throughout the day by diocesan representatives and taken to the hotel in Copacabana. Visitors who have already arrived might join Sunday mass at local churches, such as (but not limited to) St. Luke’s, Holy Trinity,  or Mediator.
19:30 – Welcome Dinner at the hotel followed by a presentation of the story of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil and the life of the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro by the Diocesan Bishop

Monday 04/04
8:30 – Depart for visit to the Anglican School at Araras, lunch and visit to communities affected by the January floods
17:00 – Arrive back at hotel
20:00 – Dinner at Carretão Restaurant in Copacabana

Tuesday, 05/04
10.30 – Depart for visit to Cidade de Deus which includes lunch at the church of Christ the King with representatives of social projects, visits to the Peacekeeping Police Unit, Third Age Project, Roman Catholic Church and worship
18:30 – Arrive back at hotel
20:30 – Depart for Supper at a live music bar in Lapa

Wednesday, 06/04
9.00 – Depart for City Tour including Historic Downtown, Corcovado (with Tijuca Forest) and Sugar Loaf Mountain and lunch
18:30 – Depart for Diocesan Reception at Cathedral of the Redeemer

Thursday 07/04
07:00 – Depart for airport for flight to Belém
12:40 – Arrival at Belém airport
13:30 – Lunch at St. Mary’s Cathedral with staff.
14:30 – Luggage to hotel and rest.
15:00 – Visit to the Weaving the Amazon Association (Outreach project in the Pratinha neighbourhood)
19:00 – Dinner with Bishop and family.

Friday 08/04
Group 1
08:00 – Fly to Gurupá to visit the Community of St. Peter the Fisherman and the Maria Ribeira Quilombo, where there is a project for sustainable farming and the future building of a bakery.
Group 2 – 5 people
09:00 – Visit to the Mission of the Ascension in Santa Izabel – a small town about an hour’s drive from Belém.
14:00 – Visit to UNIPOP – Popular University founded with the help of the Anglican Church during the military dictatorship in the 1980s. (to be confirmed)
In the evening, both groups will go to the Docks for dinner – an interesting development in the port of Belém.

Saturday 09/04
09:00 – St. John the Baptist Church – situated in a very poor community on the outskirts of Belém.
11:00 – Visit and Lunch at St. Luke’s – showing recent reforms and beginnings of Paper Recycling Project.
14:00 – Visit to the Holy Trinity Church and the new Mission of the Annunciation in Icoaraci
18:00 – Back to Hotel to rest
19:00 – Ecumenical dinner at the Cathedral

Sunday 10/04
09:00 – Participation at Eucharist Service at the Cathedral.
12:00 – Lunch and gathering at Cathedral with presentation of local dance
15:00 – Leave for airport


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