Five members of the Compass Rose Society group stayed in Belém to visit the Popular University (UNIPOP) and the Mission of the Ascension of the Lord, in Santa Izabel do Pará, which is located a 40-minute drive from Belém. The group arrived in Santa Izabel at 10:30 AM. At first, they met a family of parishioners who own a small cottage, where they hold spirituality and community meetings and some baptisms as well.

After this visit, they went to the Mission of the Ascension, where they were welcomed by a group of local women. These parishioners explained to them how the mission started and the kinds of activities that it develops in their community.

In the afternoon, this same group visited the Popular University (UNIPOP), which is an important formation and leadership center for many religious denominations, social minorities and popular movements. At its beginning, it functioned in Belém Cathedral’s facilities. UNIPOP primarily works with youth and is starting a tutoring program to promote social and educational rehabilitation of teenagers caught in petty crime.

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The Rev. Sérgio Silva

Anglican Diocese of the Amazon

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