The Compass Rose Society visit ended with mass and lunch at St. Mary’s Cathedral. About 80 people attended the service and bid adieu to their new friends.

Bishop Philip Poole, president of the Compass Rose Society, was the preacher and talked about the need all of us have to share our lives. There was also a baptism of little André Silva, son of the Rev. Deacon Sérgio Silva. During the offertory, children from the Cathedral congregation brought a banner with names of teenagers who were brutally killed at the Tasso da Silveira School, in Rio de Janeiro.

Bishop Saulo gave to the Society a chalice and paten in Native Brazilian Marajoara style. All visitors got individual gifts as well. The group left some presents to the diocese and to some of the people who worked hard during the visit.

At the end, all visitors stood around the altar and were prayed upon by the community. A community lunch followed the event, reminding all of the original context of the Eucharist.

We believe that the Society’s visit was very important to us and helped us realize we belong to an international family, with members of many faces and many tongues. We also believe that our new friends’ love and care will make us more visible in the map of the Anglican Communion. Under the canopy of jungle trees and amid the concrete of big cities there’s a people that belongs to such a big family.

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The Rt. Rev. Saulo Barros

Diocesan Bishop – Diocese of the Amazon

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