On Wednesday, April 6 there will be a diocesan reception at 7.30pm in the Cathedral of the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro at which the Revd. Canon Kenneth Kearon, General Secretary of the Anglican Communion will talk about the life of the Communion today and answer questions. The event will be live streamed. Please share this invitation with as many friends as possible.

Online viewers can send their questions during the presentation only. Questions should be sent to compassrose@ieab.org.br and must be related to the content of the presentation. Preferably, they should be sent in Portuguese, but if you want to send it in English and have it asked according to your exactly wording, feel free to do so.

If time permits, three questions from online viewers will be selected. They will be moderated by the IEAB Communications team. They will be chosen in order to respect the geographical diversity of IEAB and will most likely come from different dioceses. Since this is a discussion for the IEAB, only questions from communicants in good standing will be accepted. So, please, include your parish and diocese names.

Feel free to share this invitation among your brothers and sisters. May God bless this event.


The Rev. Arthur Cavalcante

Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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