In the afternoon, Compass Rose Society members visited some important ecumenical and community partners in Cidade de Deus. First, they visited Christ the King’s ecumenical partner, the Roman Catholic Parish of the Eternal Father and St. Joseph, which is the only Roman Catholic parish in the neighborhood, comprising 5 congregations. There, they were greeted by Fr. Adilson and Br. Anderson, both Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Since its inception, the Roman Catholic presence in Cidade de Deus has been under the care of their order.

Br. Anderson led an ecumenical prayer service, which ended with the entire group saying the Lord’s Prayer around the altar. The Primate of IEAB, the Most. Rev. Maurício Andrade, was also present and gave a blessing. Bishop Poole presented Fr. Adilson with a Compass Rose tile, which was placed on the altar as a sign of the ecumenical bonds of affection which exist between Roman Catholics and Anglicans in Cidade de Deus.

After some delicious refreshments at the Roman Catholic Parish House, the group was taken to the Police Peace Keeping Unit. There they met its commander, Major Romeu, who spoke with them about the work of the peace keeping unit. They also met other police officers who work with the community in a variety of projects, including sports training, after school programs, music classes, and English classes.

Finally, the visit ended with a stop at St. Anne’s House, an ecumenical house for the elderly, where they were greeted by coordinator Lourdes Braz. The house takes care of about 65 elderly people of the community who cannot be alone during the day, integrating different generations in activities such as arts and crafts, music and reading. The house is a pioneer in this kind of approach, and also provides basic healthcare to its visitors, thus allowing them to stay as much as possible with their families without having to go to a nursing home.

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