This morning, Compass Rose Society members took a one and a half hour bus trip to Araras, a district of the Municipality of Petrópolis, where Anglican Social Action (a non-profit organization attached to the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro) keeps a school and a series of social projects.

They were greeted by Mr. Carlos José Machado, head administrator of ASA, by the Rev. Abimael Rodrigues, who serves as school chaplain, and by the school staff and children.

Like many faith-based schools in Brazil, the Anglican School in Araras went through some hard times in the nineties. However, a renewed partnership with the municipality has guaranteed its financial stability, and the possibility of receiving approximately one thousand students who come from low-income families and have quality education entirely for free (elementary and middle school). The school also offers a low-fare high school program, which is partially subsidized by donors.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit several classrooms, a library, the computer room, and also had lunch at the refectory. After the visit, Bishop Poole presented Mr. Machado with a plaque depicting the Compass Rose – symbol of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

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