In the afternoon, visitors from the Compass Rose Society arrived in Belém do Pará, see of the Diocese of the Amazon. They were welcomed at the International Airport Val de Cans by a group led by missioner Ruth Barros, and were taken to St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Saulo Barros, clergy, employees and cathedral parishioners were waiting for the group with a great Pará-style lunch. As a token of friendship, the group was given a video on the Gurupá community, in the margins of the Amazon river, where Anglicans develop a project with the maroon population, and sponsored by USPG. They also were given a booket about the Amazon Diocese. Before lunch, all had a moment of silence in memory of the victims who died so brutally at a School in Rio de Janeiro.

After lunch, the group rested for a while and later visited the NGO “Weaving the Amazon” in the Pratinha neighborhood. There, they could witness the work they developed with recycled material and also activities – mostly soccer coaching – with teenagers and young adults, which intents to provide an occupation to them.

At the end of the day, the group invited both the bishop and his family for dinner at a local restaurant, where all could enjoy typical Pará food. They also managed to share a bit of their lives and experiences.

Tomorrow, most of the visitors will fly to Gurupá, and then take a 30 minute ferry ride to the Quilombo Maria Ribeira. Some will remain in Belém and will visit Ascension Church in Santa Izabel do Pará, a city 40 minutes away from the state capital.

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The Rt. Rev. Saulo Barros

Diocesan Bishop – Diocese of the Amazon

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