The Compass Rose Society is an association which takes its name from the symbol of the Anglican Communion. The Society established under the auspices of the Anglican Consultative Council so that individuals, parishes, dioceses, provinces, and organizations throughout the world could help provide the much-needed financial support for the work of the Anglican Communion.

These hardships were often unknown to the world at large. This was underscored by a 1994 visit Archbishop Carey made to the war-ravaged Province of the Sudan, a country seemingly forgotten by the media and the world. The story of the people of the Sudan had to be told and the Anglican Communion Office played a key role in telling that story to the larger world. The response from the Anglican family globally, both in prayer and financial support, was overwhelming. We made a difference. We rose to the challenge.

For the first time, the Anglican Communion Office was involved at this level of hands-on support to a Province in need. We took these steps in faith as there were no funds at hand to help communicate the Sudan story. But there were other challenges as well. The staff of the Anglican Communion Secretariat Office faced mounting frustrations due to the lack of resources to facilitate a response. Out of the realities and challenges facing Sudanese Anglicans, and others in similar circumstances, came the creation of the Compass Rose Society.

The Compass Rose Society was formally established in 1997. Funds raised by the Compass Rose Society assist the ministry of the Secretariat and the Anglican Consultative Council as they respond to the growing needs of Provinces worldwide.

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